Wonder Painter™

One of a kind in the world, Xiaoxiaoniu’s patented Wonder Painter™ technology turns anything into a vivid cartoon animation (2D and 3D) at a click of your camera.
Step 1: Draw something, make something (clay, origami, Lego blocks…), or find something (toy, picture book…).
Step 2: Take a photo of it – it comes alive!


Whether you want to tell a funny story, give an interactive lecture, or put up an online advertisement…, Wonder Painter Theater transforms your content into a highly interactive and personalized form. With your audience’s own creation becoming part of it, your content is a different experience each time and for each person, thus gaining unlimited replay value.
Wonder Painter Theater is available as a standalone app where you can publish your content to, as a cloud service to run in any web browser, and as an SDK that you can build your own software upon.


Take your game experience to a whole new level with the cutting-edge Wonder Painter™ technology. Wonder Painter Game SDK gives developers full freedom to tailor the Wonder Painter™ experience for their games.


Thought making 3D animation is too hard? Draw something and take a snapshot, simple as that.


Wonder Painter VR takes your creation into the virtual reality world. Experience it LIVE at our booth, and surround yourself with live characters made by your own!

Wonder Painter™ is invented by Xiaoxiaoniu Creative Technologies, a hi-tech company founded by leading experts in human-computer interaction, with many patented technologies in natural user interaction and augmented reality. "Created for your Creativity"​, Xiaoxiaoniu provides playful technologies and experiences for everyone with a creative heart, unleashing their full imagination in the context of entertainment and education.

Contact Us: info@wonderpainter.net